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Rainbow Exotics, a whole sale bird breeder for Petsmart has confirmed cases of psittacosis. This sign is in Ohio, but they supply the entire US.

If you have purchased a bird from Petsmart please bring them to a vet. Psittacosis is a highly contagious zoonotic disease that can kill your bird and create flu-like symptoms in humans. It is treatable with antibiotics for your birds if caught early. It is generally not serious in people, although if left untreated it can be.

If you have bought toys or cages from Petsmart please disinfect them before giving them to your birds! Or return them. Psittacosis can live in feather dust and droppings for months.

Please share. And consider adopting your next bird from a rescue.

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This is 100% true, and has become a serious topic in my Aviculture class. PLEASE guys take this seriously if it relates to you at all!

In the petsmart by me the birds don’t have the little tags on their feet

Isn’t that like illegal or something?

It depends on the state and maybe store policy.








These two beautiful orcas (Hugo and Lolita - Miami Seaquarium) were living in the same tank, smaller than the legal size for one orca, at the same time. That is, until Hugo became so depressed he committed suicide by basing his head against the glass until he suffered an aneurism. Still think that picture is cool? No. It’s cruel.

it was also cruel when miami seaquarium placed hugo’s body in the county dump after he took his own life. 

This picture makes me sick. The Whale Bowl isn’t even big enough for Lolita by herself, how did these two bear it for ten years like this? 

My heart just broke a million times over…

Not suitable

NOT ok.

Why was this even allowed to happen? We should never have been allowed to put such beautiful creatures into a hell of our own making

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